NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting Corp.

Regulatory Affairs Consulting

Kyley Paul

President & CEO

Kyley has always been passionate about nutrition, fitness and helping others achieve greater health.  She graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology then graduated with Distinction from the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Program at TIPT.
She worked as the Regulatory Affairs Coordinator at Jamieson Laboratories for 3 years before founding NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting.  
She is very passionate about our health care industry and providing Canadians with safe, quality and compliant products.  

Tarique Plummer

Research & Regulatory Coordinator 

Having completed my Associate’s Degree in the Natural Sciences in Jamaica, I matriculated to Wilfrid Laurier University and my concentration has since been Biochemistry & Biotechnology. The realm of science has always been a love of mine I have nurtured this through the role of Director of the Ontario Science Students’ Association, Vice-President of Laurier’s Faculty of Science Students’ Association for Research & Development as well as being a Chemistry Instructional Assistant. Technical writing is a part of my array of interests which became refined through my tenure working as writer and editorial board member for a medical newspaper; leading me to become the Research & Regulatory Coordinator with the NaturalSci Regulatory team.

Riley McPhail

Sales & Marketing Associate

Riley is an enthusiastic Business student at Wilfrid Laurier University with a special interest in entrepreneurship. We are very happy to welcome Riley to the NaturalSci Regulatory team!

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