NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting Corp.

Regulatory Affairs Consulting

Kyley Paul

President & CEO

Kyley has always been passionate about nutrition, fitness and helping others achieve greater health.  She graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology then graduated with Distinction from the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Program at TIPT.
She worked as the Regulatory Affairs Coordinator at Jamieson Laboratories for 3 years before founding NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting.  
She is very passionate about our health care industry and providing Canadians with safe, quality and compliant products.  

Tarique Plummer

Research & Regulatory Coordinator 

Having completed my Associate’s Degree in the Natural Sciences in Jamaica, I matriculated to Wilfrid Laurier University and my concentration has since been Biochemistry & Biotechnology. The realm of science has always been a love of mine I have nurtured this through the role of Director of the Ontario Science Students’ Association, Vice-President of Laurier’s Faculty of Science Students’ Association for Research & Development as well as being a Chemistry Instructional Assistant. Technical writing is a part of my array of interests which became refined through my tenure working as writer and editorial board member for a medical newspaper; leading me to become the Research & Regulatory Coordinator with the NaturalSci Regulatory team.

Riley McPhail

Sales & Marketing Associate

Riley is an enthusiastic business student at the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics at Wilfrid Laurier University. An avid reader, Riley resides in Waterloo – which he likes to call the Silicon Valley of Canada – and has begun working as our Sales and Marketing Associate. He enjoys exercising and maintaining a balanced diet through his passion for cooking. Riley is very positive and optimistic. He has always had an interest in the physiology of the human body and is very excited to be a part of the NaturalSci Team!

David Milaniak

Regulatory Affairs Associate

David is a performance oriented Regulatory Affairs Professional from Humber College. He built his education on Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Toronto’s Pharmaceutical Chemistry Specialist program. He decided the best way to incorporate his knowledge and help companies launch their products into the Canadian market would be to study Regulatory Affairs. Apart from his studies and the workplace he enjoys hiking and appreciating a variety of fine cuisine. David is excited to learn in industry about vitamins and supplements and being involved with the NaturalSci Regulatory Team.

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